We Choose Detroit: MIDTOWN

We each have the freedom to choose. We believe in Detroit and its rebirth -- both passionately and as a business decision. We freely chose to operate in Detroit. Creativity, innovation and opportunity abound in this city. The people who reside and work here are talented and passionate.

We chose Midtown as our base due to the redevelopment of the area that includes healthcare led by the Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Health System; education led by the Center for Creative Studies and Wayne State University (WSU); technology led by WSU's TechTown; creative entrepreneurs redeveloping historic buildings and opening thriving restaurants, and cultural institutions including the Detroit Institute of Arts and Orchestra Hall. We also appreciate Midtown's proximity to downtown and its convenient reach to the suburbs.

The architecture and culture here is second-to-none.

Midtown is just north of downtown Detroit bordered by Mack Avenue/Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. to the south, Rosa Parks Blvd. to the west, Philadelphia Street to the north and I-75 Chrysler Freeway to the east.

We could have chosen many other locations across metro Detroit. We did not choose due to cost. We did not choose because many of our clients are in the city.

Simply stated, we chose Detroit! We believe in the city and want to contribute to its rebirth.

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