Where We Are


We are proud to operate from Detroit, Michigan. A city that created the automotive industry and was the engine of democracy during World War II. Things have certainly changed here during the past 100 years. What has not changed are the people -- passionate, talented and entrepreneurial. Detroiters possess an unwavering tenacity and we are on a transformative journey.

Detroiters choose to live, work and play here. Like Evolve-Engage Strategies, they believe in the great spirit of Detroit.

Metro Detroit leads in many areas of the automotive and industrial sectors. Our biggest growth sectors are in healthcare, education, technology, and clean energy. We have a thriving university corridor that includes award-winning research institutions and two large hospital systems right in the city along with the many health networks in the suburbs. The technology sector is expanding, led by these organizations that have invested extensively in Detroit: Compuware, GalaxE.Solutions, Quick Loans/Rock Ventures and Wayne State University's Tech Town (thelargest entrepreneurial incubator in the nation). Clean energy, driven partly by the automotive industry and also by the talented engineers, is growing exponentially.


Detroit leaders--both in the public and private sector--are nationally-known for their successes in building organizations and transforming communities. We are honored to join them in these efforts.

Detroit serves as a base to build our company with clients from across southeast Michigan. Our goal is to continue to support leaders who are transforming Detroit and expand our base to clients throughout the state and country.

We are honored to be a part of Wayne State University's TechTown community of entrepreneurs and thriving businesses. We are located in TechTown's main building at 440 Burroughs #108, Detroit, MI 48202.

Inside TechTown from Jeremy Olstyn on Vimeo.


Community Involvement


Besides our work, we are heavily involved with organizations throughout the community by providing pro-bono services and personal volunteer work from our staff:

  I Choose Detroit Campaign

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organizations that engages citizens in efforts to transform our communities.

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